Stress relief, yes please: we’re only a call or email away when you need help
A look at our service delivery standards, values and how we work.
21 November, 2021 by
Stress relief, yes please: we’re only a call or email away when you need help
Spearhead Systems, Marius Pana

Our mission is to help companies to make sense of all the noise (technology) that is always fighting for their hard earned dollar and attention. We pride ourselves with being pragmatic, avoiding the pitfalls of fad-tech and steering clear of big-techs hype machines, and identifying, developing or reusing technologies that are open, stable and have a human friendly business model.

Traditionally speaking, we are the people behind the scenes.You know the types, the people in dimly light rooms, their eyes glowing from the reflection of multiple monitors and the sound of keyboards singing. Or the people down in the server room, taking care of things you never new needed to be done so that emails, documents and your websites are functioning properly. That’s right, we’re those geeks and not ashamed to admit it.

We provide technical support for different companies, from  all over the world, in different domains. Some are local to our physical office locations, while the vast majority are hundreds to thousands of miles away. Our services are considered by many of our partners and customers “business critical” and as such we have throughout the years developed, refined and continue to update our service delivery methodologies.

Currently we provide a mix of agile and traditional IT services depending on the job at hand. We do not force one methodology or a tool that we are comfortable with to all projects and scenarios. We challenge ourselves to take a step back, identify our bias towards/for a specific technology or methodology and work with our customers closely to make sure we are all on the same page.

Like all businesses, we exist because we can offer a value added service that may not be possible to maintain in-house. Much like we do not repair our own cars or build our own motorcycles, we reach out to subject matter experts. We exist because we’re highly specialized in what we do and are able to scale it and match it to specific business requirements for our partners and customers.

In order for us to do this, we have heavily invested in truly being reachable. Reacheability in our case refers to having the tools (technology), the processes (work flows) and availability (our beloved support staff).

We offer 3 distinct ways to reach out when you need help:

  1. Use our Help Center email address. Simple, just shoot an email to

  2. Use our online web Help Center Log-in with your credentials and directly raise a ticket.

  3. Give us a call at +40728 005 263

Because our operations are business critical for some of our customers, we operate a 24/7 support department to intervene whenever you may need.

Our processes are built such that we are proactive: we proactively manage and monitor systems and apply industry best-practices to avoid running into hard spots such us self-healing and self-repair.But as we are all aware, sometimes things break or just do not work as supposed to. Whenever that happens we are there and ready to provide knowledgeable and actionable advice.

Within these 3 distinct methods of reaching out, which one is best?

The simple answer is that none is better than the other. Our customers choose whichever method works best for them, based on their specific need at a specific time. For example, the majority prefer to use email as it is extremely simple. Others prefer our portal as it provides a set of self-service operations, while others prefer good old human interactions and give us a call. Whatever you choose, is the right choice.

Where to next: our portal

Since 2017, we’ve seen a consistent growth of our customer base, specifically in our SaaS and Cloud, offerings going from 5 customers to over 300 scattered all over the world.Initially and like most, we’re email driven in our support operations. This however has scalability limitations specifically when you want to deliver quality over quantity. We realized that a lot of the issues being raised would be copying and pasting from previous answers with little to no modifications. As a company that prides itself on being High Performance, we realized we need to act and help our partners and customers before they ever get a chance to reach out.

We began classifying our issues and categorizing them. We began by writing succinct, concise self-service (how-to’s, articles, etc.) that would be accessible to our partners and customers when they were completing our online forms. Thus if a ticket was about to be created for an issue that has a self-service solution, we would propose that.

This has had dramatic effect on the majority of break-fix type issues as we are able to maintain a knowledge base of common problems and resolutions. Some of our knowledge base is in the process of becoming open to the general public and we expect it to continue to grow, but more importantly we are implementing a complete self-service operations portal based on one of our favorite products, Rundeck. This new level of self-service will go beyond the simple and allow us to manage more complex scenarios that include disaster recovery, automated backups and restore, scaling and much more.

In closing, if you wish to reach out to us for technical support:

  • email is quick and easy 

  • the phone is there for anyone wanting human interaction and confirmation 

  • our portal is awesome if you wish to first attempt resolving the issue yourself based on our self-service documentation

The future will include a self-service operations process that will automatically execute taks and scripts to help you resolve any category of issue, from the simple to the very complex.

Our dedication to delivering a professional IT service delivery does not stop here. We’re constantly looking for ideas to better our process. Have any good idea? Reach out!

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Stress relief, yes please: we’re only a call or email away when you need help
Spearhead Systems, Marius Pana 21 November, 2021
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