Peace of mind for your business

                                      Spearhead Systems is at the forefront of IT service delivery and digital transformation as a trusted technology partner in the evolving world of cloud and digital platforms. We are the engineers, developers and operators of, a specialised high performance cloud, and specialists in IT infrastructure & application monitoring and observability.

                                      With we do more with less due to our open source platform and no-nonsense pricing. We enable companies to use the cloud on their terms.

                                      Our IT monitoring experience is both wide and deep, going where few dare to go. We make sense of the data so that you can focus on what is truly important for your business.

                                      Open source is the standard here. We build and use open source technologies that enable us to be the High Performance Company that delivers peace of mind for your business.

                                      Our Team


                                      Our vision is to put modern technology to work for our clients, helping companies to focus on their business and reach their potential.


                                      To be a trusted service provider for pragmatic and simple to use technology and services, satisfying the requirements of even the most demanding: 

                                      • We lead through professional, high-performance technologies and services delivery methodologies.

                                      • We deliver proactive, creative, flexible services, technologies and products.

                                      • We integrate simple and complex systems, providing continuous technical assistance & training.


                                      • RELIABITY: We trust each other to deliver the best results possible and to communicate efficiently to find the proper solutions for our customers and partners.

                                      • GROWTH: We learn and evolve continuously, each member of the company.

                                      • RESPECT: We respect each other, our customers and partners.

                                      • GOOD ENERGY: We work happily and calmly to get the job done.

                                      • INTEGRITY: We demonstrate integrity in the services we provide to our customers, in the relationships with our stakeholders and our partners.

                                      • OPENNESS: We are open to new ideas, concepts and implementations.

                                      • FLEXIBLE: We are flexible, adapting to customer’s unique architectures, particular needs and expectations.

                                      Founded in 2011

                                      Spearhead Systems was founded in 2011 with 100% Romanian capital and ownership. Our focus from the beginning has been to be highly specialised in the delivery of IT services and cloud computing.


                                      Spearhead Systems implements the cutting-edge monitoring solution Checkmk for the National Bank of Romania (currently monitoring the entire Transfond & SWIFT system, as well as the “corporate” network of NBR and other important components of the bank).


                                      Spearhead Systems implements the largest HPC Shared Memory System in Eastern Europe based on SGI technology, now part of HPE. The system is used by researchers to aerodynamically analyze the re-entry of a capsule into the Earth’s atmosphere at MACH 10 and MACH 20 speeds, for incidents starting from 0° to 180° amongst other number crunching jobs.


                                      Saw Spearhead Systems use its expertise in large, scale out systems to work with some of the largest online shops in our region. Our most successful partner,, was launched in 2010  as a local online bookstore and has since grown into a local market leader in online retail. Spearhead has provided infrastructure (cloud native and legacy) as well as consulting to help keep the platform available even during high load periods such as Black Friday.


                                      Launch of – the first Romanian public cloud based on high performance technologies from Joyent and Samsung, following our own investment of over €150,000. Our platform is specifically designed to respond to the market trends heading towards digital transformation using cloud technologies as a cornerstone.


                                      HPC project with Lenovo technologies for the implementation of a space robotics laboratory capable of developing hardware equipment (coupling mechanisms, navigation sensors and actuators) for testing control algorithms for autonomous missions – high performance computing system used to increase accuracy of analysis.


                             expands, with another self-funded round of investment in our second generation of servers, doubling our existing capacity.


                                      Spearhead Systems successfully carries out a platform security project, financed by ERDB. 2020 also saw Spearhead invest its own resources to  supports its travel customers that are using for their business operations, during the difficult struggle, brought upon by the Coronavirus pandemic, with special discounts, and completes the year with a turnover of over 1.2 mil. EUR.


                                      Spearhead Systems successfully becomes a Veeam Cloud Service Provider delivering Veeam Backup, Replication and Disaster Recovery as a service for any environment (virtual, physical, hybrid, cloud).