Checkmk actions and icons
7 June, 2022 by
Checkmk actions and icons
Spearhead Systems, Marius Pana

One way to get that "mythical single pane of glass dashboard" is to configure Checkmk with the right integrations and icons. There is generally not one single tools for all of your requirements, rather many different tools with varying degrees of integration.

Checkmk provides a wide monitoring base and casts an even wider integration facility. One such example is using the rules "Custom icons and actions" and "Custom icons or actions for hosts|services in status GUI", you can create Icons and actions (links) to other systems.. Note there are two rules, one for services and one for hosts.

An example, you could quickly add a link to open a the Web page of the said host or service or access an RDP session (this depends on the schemes:// your browser supports. 


There are many options for what quick actions and links you may want or need. Whatever you are doing  to access a system or a systems services, you can likely automate via Custom icons and actions such that Checkmk is your single pane of glass.



Need some ideas for what you can create as integration and icons? Give us a shout and we'd love to give you some hints.

Checkmk actions and icons
Spearhead Systems, Marius Pana 7 June, 2022
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